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The Undercover Lover are the adventures of Sensi, who operates “under cover” from unsuspecting husbands, using his charms and his big dick on the poor unsatisfied wives and girlfriends. Together with his video guy Trash, they are out to hunt women looking for an excuse to fuck a big dick. Whether they are mad at their partner or been cheated or if it is just a need of a random cock, Sensi has no problem finding takers.

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Scene 1 – Cuntry Side Cuckold (Ellena)
We got the Camera ready and went on a little adventure to find Sensi’s latest conquest, a fine looking white girl with a filthy attitude. But when we arrived her fella was in the house! Creeping around we waited for her muggy boyfriend to leave then got straight in that pussy. No shits were given and this sopping wet tart couldn’t wait to impale herself on some stiff black meat, fucking like an animal and enjoying her cum filled snatch.

Scene 2 – Fuck You, John! (Jett Black)
Don’t be a “John” and leave your curvaceous beauty of girlfriend locked out the house, there’s just no telling where the dirty girl might end up. We had no idea this phat ass babe was living right next door but we’ve had the displeasure of meeting her boyfriend. Turns out Jett want’s some revenge and she’s more than happy to get it using Sensi’s eager cock. Sucking, tugging and riding Sensi hard the thick and juicy Jett gets herself a large dose of cum to swallow. Looks like noise complaints are the least of your worries now John boy.

Scene 3 – Brighton Bang Bang (Claudia Rossi)
Down on the beach Sensi and Trash go looking for some pussy to climb into and ravage. After a short while they spot a brunette babe tanning herself in a quiet corner. Sensi is straight on that shit, sweet talking her pretty ass and doing well. She’s alone and pissed at her boyfriend, perfect! The guys take Claudia back to the apartment and this girl is overly keen to get a taste of some black meat, after all she’s never tried it before. With the Cam ready, Sensi gets familiar with Claudia´s gorgeous body, tasting that pretty pussy and then getting balls deep in there until the new friends are in sticky and satisfied mess.

Scene 4 – The Tooting Three-Way (Amber and Lolly)
Sensi gets a call from an old flame, a hot brunette with a fuckable face and relaxed attitude to cheating on her boyfriend. She’s got a surprise waiting for him in Tooting, sends him an address and waits for the boys to arrive. Once at her door Sensi and Trash are greeting by two gorgeous dark haired sluts, ready to please his needs and get sloppy with his dick. Naturally Trash was there as always to get the debaucherously good fuck fest on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Scene 5 – Working On Her Bush (Mai Bailey)
Sensi got himself a job tending to the garden of a slutty young housewife. He’s clocked her peeping at him through the window and knows this devious little slut is gagging to ride his cock but plays it cool and keeps on working. The dirty girl can’t stand it anymore and in some sexy lingerie comes out into the garden to get that dick! They go inside and Sensi tends to her sweet bush with fingers, tongue and cock, cumming across her pretty pussy for another job well done.

Scene 6 – Ploughing Political Pussy (Lala)
We met the gorgeous Lala today, a professional girl with politics on her agenda but sex on her mind. After finding out Sensi and Trash work in the adult entertainment industry you can literally see Lala getting wetter and wetter. This girl knows her stuff too, naming her favourite actresses and so on, she’s clearly been enjoying some erotic content in her free time. Sensi seduces Lala onto his cock and gives the ebony beauty a nice hard slamming until her gorgeous tits are painted in jizz and she’s fully satisfied with her break from work.

Scene 7 – Mischievous With A Milf (Rio)
We found Rio sunbathing in the park and the undercover lover was straight on her ass, using his charm to entice her sweet pussy back to the flat. She was keen and joined us for a vodka and orange whilst getting persuaded into filming some filth for us. Rio was game and exposed her gorgeous body, letting Sensi use and abuse her tight frame until ready to burst deep inside her.

Scene 8 – Our Little Secret (Amber)
Sensi noticed gorgeous brunette Amber giving him eyes all night but her boyfriend’s also at the party so he better be careful. He bides his time carefully, waiting for the guy to pass out then creeps upstairs to awaken the tight little slut with some tongue fuckery. She loves it and spreads those legs wide as the undercover lover slips and slides between her thighs. After ploughing the pretty girl Sensi bounces, leaving Amber satisfied with her sticky pussy, let’s hope she showers before the boyfriend finds her!

Scene 9 – Elizabeth Gets Exposed (Elizabeth F)
On our daily hunt for cunt we stumbled across this delightful little hoe, blatantly gagging to be used and abused out there amongst the trees. She’s been getting in trouble with her fella for playing away from home but Elizabeth clearly hasn’t learnt her lesson and is soon dripping wet, exposing her sweet young flesh and feasting on Sensi’s cock in the open air.

Scene 10 – Wiener For The Cleaner (Jessica)
We’ve got a real tasty cleaner, a nice looking blonde with a plump ass that’s begging for a pounding but she’s loyal to her boyfriend or so we thought!… Turns out this white girl can’t wait to gorge herself on a big black cock, get sloppy and then drizzled in spunk. Sensi ploughs her hard, getting balls deep between her thighs and lips, turns out there’s no pussy this randy bastard can’t persuade onto his cock!

Scene 11 – White Meat Taste Nice (Kimberly Cox)
No need to be polite boys, just walk straight into the shower and start sweet talking that pretty pussy. That’s what Sensi does, the boys got skills and after getting to know the gorgeous Kimberly a little better with a steamy shower she follows the guys back to their lair. This girl´s dirty as hell and got an insatiable appetite for cock, be sure to check out that cute little pink asshole… smoking hot.

Scene 12 – Climax Central (Sara Jay)
Jeezus, If you don’t already know about her then it’s time to get acquainted with the busty, filthy and gorgeous Sara Jay. This girl is the perfect fuck buddy, she gets wet, wild and sloppy with numerous orgasms and moans of delight. I bet Sensi couldn’t believe his luck when he opened that bedroom door to find this cock hungry American babe just waiting to gorge herself on a big black dick.

Scene 13 – Lap It Up Buttercup (Alexandra Cat)
Trash comes back to the manner to find no one home, or so he thinks. As he makes his way upstairs the smell of sex becomes apparent, he notices women’s clothing strewn across the apartment and now he realises, the big dog has gone and bagged himself another slutty delight. After creeping behind the gorgeous blonde and filming her shower, Trash wakes Sensi and they plan to film a scene with the new girl. She’s a little shy at first but is soon gagging herself and gyrating on the dick, milking it dry and licking her fingers clean.

Scene 14 – Banging The Birthday Boy (Scarlett Jones)
There’s no better way to celebrate the big dog’s birthday than with the gorgeously slutty Scarlett jones. Trash found this busty skank a couple of days ago and knowing she likes to play away from home, arranged a nice little hook up for Sensi’s special day. She was amazingly filthy and that thick and curvaceous body deserved a good slamming, which is exactly what she got! See you next week Scarlett.

Scene 15 – Delivering The Goods (Foxy Fasol)
Foxy Fasol loves to fuck numerous men, she’s got a husband but he doesn’t mind and is well into the idea of her getting used and abused by big floppy cocks. The lads find out that she’s an easy target and quickly hatch a plan to get in her knickers. Sensi arrives in his delivery outfit and Foxy is instantly sopping wet between the legs. Ploughing this tidy blonde slut he leaves her satisfied and sticky, Sensi definitely delivers the goods today!

Scene 16 – If You Tap It, Put A Ring On It (Kelly Marina)
She’s here on business but Sensi’s got other plans for this tight blonde slut. She complains about feeling sexually frustrated and it’s obvious her fiancée hasn’t been tending to his woman. Well, she’s in the right place now because the Undercover Lover is ready to strip her down and impale that tight pussy on his hefty member. She’s bang up for it and even doesn’t mind getting filmed but only as long as she gets the tape and no one see’s the footage… whoops, sorry darling.

Scene 17 – This Aint Brighton Rock (Tanya Coxxx)
Welcome to Brighton, the seedy city full of fun, parties, easy going people and randy bitches. We were just chilling on the beach when the delightfully horny Tanya approached us. Turns out she’s seen Sensi’s handiwork before and despite being engaged this hot little slut was begging to have a go on monstrous penis. Of course we obliged and took the little skank back home to film some red hot filth!

Scene 18 – Gaping Them British Buns (Tallulah Tease)
Meet Tallulah, A feisty redhead, covered in ink and beastly in the sack. How could her boyfriend stick her up?.. She’s pissed off and looking for a new cock to toy with, luckily Sensi’s got the minerals she requires and Tallulah happily follows the boys home. The girl was practically slipping in her own juices as we got back and jumped straight on that dick. Pushing her pretty mouth as far down Sensi’s shaft as possible, Tallulah got real wet and sloppy as she gagged herself on his lengthy bratwurst. Every hole is alright with this girl, we hope enjoy her gaping ass cos she did for sure!

Scene 19 – Boyfriend´s At The Gym? (Tilly Hardy)
Oh no, poor little Tilly’s gone and done herself a mischief. No wonder she fell over with those amazing tits bouncing all over the place and weighing her down. Luckily our boys Sensi and Trash are ready to save the day and tend to the gorgeous blonde. Whilst taking her home Tilly explains her Boyfriend’s at the gym, not only that but he also sounds like a prick… looks like this busty slut needs some of the Undercover Lover treatment! Oh no, poor little Tilly’s gone and done herself a mischief. No wonder she fell over with those amazing tits bouncing all over the place and weighing her down. Luckily our boys Sensi and Trash are ready to save the day and tend to the gorgeous blonde. Whilst taking her home Tilly explains her Boyfriend’s at the gym, not only that but he also sounds like a prick… looks like this busty slut needs some of the Undercover Lover treatment!

Scene 20 – Landlady’S Bossy Agreement (Robyn Ryder)
We had been dodging our Landlady for months. But she caught us in one afternoon in when we were chilling. A scary woman not to be messed with. It seemed she was angry at the world, but it boiled down to her husband neglecting her sexual needs and appetite.She was angry!! Caught red-handed owing her a few months rent and she also knew we were bringing girls back to the flat and filming them. We were fucked! Ready for eviction we were dealt a ´get out of jail free card´.In return for what we owed, she wanted to do a deal where she would have me, Sensi, service her ´just like all the other girls´ she knew we had. After a quick consultation, The Undercover Lover stepped up to the task and gave our Landlady a fucking she won´t forget in a hurry. Wow I certainly brought out the slut in this MILF. She wanted the full treatment, hard fucking, anal and she even swallowed my full load. It looks like rent day is going to be a lot easier for me and Trash from now on hehe..

Scene 21 – Face Fucking Hotel (Alexis Golden)
Sensi and Trash have a fuck date with super milf Alexis Golden, an all American porn-star with massive tits, a filthy mind and impressive gag reflex. She’s happy to gorge herself on Sensi’s lengthy member, slipping with her fingers and slopping with her lips. He incessantly pounds this hot blonde slut hard, grabbing handfuls of experienced white flesh in the process. Once ready Alexis takes his cock in both hands and with her sassy mouth on the tip, milks his clam hammer down her throat!

Scene 22 – Curiosity Fucked The Cougar (Suzie Wild)
The lads are road tripping towards some experienced tits on a filthy milf. Suzie Wild has been in contact asking to experience Sensi’s cock and film an erotic scene. So the boys drive up to Birmingham and pay her dampening pussy a visit as her husband plays a round of golf. She couldn’t get enough of it and loved being filled with Sensi’s length. With his cock deep inside her silky pussy he slams against that big white ass until unable to control himself any longer and expulses the contents of his ball sack deep in her vaginal passage.

Scene 23 – Capture The Fantasy On Camera (Cypruz)
Cypruz, one of Sensi´s regulars is a real fox. The lads convinced her to film one of their weekly booty calls. Needless to say, she´s not really camera shy and she loves it when Sensi takes his big cock and sticks it in her tight little white twat.

Scene 24 – He Doesn´t Know That You´re Here (Ebony Goddexxx)
Ebony emailed us about her boyfriend troubles. We don´t pay much attention to this type of stuff but she also attached a pic of her huge black ass so naturally we invited her over and hid her initially from Sensi. He had a bonerific surprise when she jumped from under the covers unto his dick.

Scene 25 – British Blonde Goes Black (Shay Hendrix)
Shay was just minding her own business, being angry at her girlfriend – yes, he´s a dyke – when the boys decided to cheer her up. Without any regrets, she popped off her sweater and flashed her bra within 5 minutes of talking to them. She seemed and was a sure thing so Sensi went in for the kill and left her with cum dripping out of her tight british pussy.

Scene 26 – Second Visit (Sara Jay)
Sarah gets a visit from her undercover lover

Scene 27 – Jasmine Webb

Scene 28 – Samara Sands
This chubby brunette is decided to try the good stuff.

Scene 29 – Anna P
Steamy session with horny milf.

Scene 30 – Second Run (Mai Bailey)
Mai Bailey´s second time!

Scene 31 – Nora
Nora will love wrapping her lips around this thick black cock

Scene 32 – Loz Is One Sexy Redhead (Loz Lorrimar)
This time it´s a redhead that comes visit the Undercover lover and things unravel fast at his place.

Scene 33 – Let´s Watch A Scary Movie (Ruby Reds)
Ruby Reds is scared of this movie and has to hold on to something hard to make the fear go away.

Scene 34 – Undercover Threesome (Shay Hendrix and Loz Lorrimar)
Shay and Loz come over for a sexy threesome!

Scene 35 – Emily
This time it is Emily who decides to visit the undercover lover. This hot brunette will leave you wanting

Scene 36 – Emma Butt
Sensi picks up Emma and brings her home for a ride!

Scene 37 – Woodland Bang Bang (Holly D)
Holly D gets bored with her car enthusiast of a boyfriend and ends up fucking the big dog, undercover lover, Mr Sensi bang bang your wife, girlfriend, mum and probably your aunty too.

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